The much-awaited upgrade to Education Sector is here!!

September 12, 2022

Non Fungible tokens have undoubtedly taken the world by surprise and at a pace never imagined. This new age of Technology gives many professions a golden opportunity to bring back their work and showcase it to the world, of course without worrying about being forged or copied. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and increasingly many others, realize the importance of NFTs and are pushing towards building their way into the metaverse with the use of these tokens. 

But what if we told you that NFTs could be a game changer in the education sector as well? With all the hype around, the education sector may feel to be the last sector where NFTs could be used effectively. But as a fact, all the utilities of NFTs are well put to use with the structural necessities of the education sector.   

Continue reading and you will know how.

  1. Documents - The technology that supports NFTs is blockchain, a smartly built network that strongly works against forgery of data stored, gives authentic value to each item stored, and can easily be tracked to prove originality. All the valuable documents that a student holds, and uses in various institutes of education can be held in the form of NFTs, that can be easily accessed and viewed by those needed, at the same time maintaining the integrity of the original document.
  2. Textbooks - According to billionaires and all-time successful investors like Mark Cuban, Textbooks are the next best application of NFTs. NFTs allow digital textbooks to be easily resold but more importantly, they allow publishers and authors to collect royalties for every resale. This seems to be a very promising application of NFTs, especially in a space where the actual value of books has just dropped to the PDFs available on the internet. 
  3. Sharing Artwork - Undoubtedly NFTs have proven to be the best way for artists to showcase their works globally, without risking the fear of being forged or copied. The same applies to talented students, who otherwise had lesser ways to showcase their talent in front of the world, apart from the exhibitions held at local levels. 
  4. Exam Results and other achievements- Imagine winning a debating competition and receiving your award in the form of an NFT. From the present times perspective, it may feel like a very cool way of rewarding, but it holds a much more practical purpose than just being ‘cool’. Of course, your reward gets authenticated by the organization you receive it. In addition to this, you also get to share it that easily with people.  

If examining bodies and institutions stored copies of exams, results, and degrees, on blockchain platforms, they would be provable as the original genuine source. 

The application of NFTs extends far deeper than this, and far beyond just the sectors, we can think of. It depends on our interests in exploring the extent and benefiting from the practicality of a technology that leverages us the possibility to virtually share anything that still remains original.