Post-NFT Mint: A Roadmap to Community Engagement

October 10, 2022

So you have finally got your NFT collection minted, and you wonder how to utilise that collection to its best potential to expand your community and enhance your loyal customer base. 

Involve and Engage

After your brand/firm mints an NFT collection, it becomes your prime task to direct your audience into the web3 space for proper utilisation of NFTs. Involving them with NFTs and brewing a thought process to engage more with NFTs is what gets you profit. 

Read more on how DigiphyNFT’s emailing method provides a loop to get high audience engagement. The initial boost towards this comes when customers see benefits for themselves, that's where DigiphyNFT’s marketplace comes in handy, where neither your brand requires to pay any gas fees to mint NFTs nor does the customer need to be highly knowledgeable in web3 concepts to sell or buy NFTs.  

This provides a short ladder approach to climb for profit through practical audience involvement with your NFTs, while we ensure you don't pay a very high price for it. 

Make your NFT valuable 

There exists a range of utilities that can be combined with an NFT for real-world use. Provide your customers with exclusive discounts based on the number of NFTs owned. Provide exclusive content and experience to customers. Make them feel special for the “asset” they own being a part of your brand’s community. 

Give high value and importance to the first supporters of your NFT collections. Publicise and acknowledge the initial supporters to exponentiate the value of support and connection towards your NFT collection. Build active social media to engage the community constantly. 

The Golden Rudimentary approach

It is highly valuable to understand that a well-timed and consistent effort towards building community for your NFT collection is the sole way to make profitable long-term NFT utilisation. 

The old-school rudimentary approach to constantly engaging people on social media, providing different rewards to active users, and keeping various online engagement events, to boost the levels of audience involvement is what gradually builds, what we call, the initial interests of your audience, into a practice.    

Ace at Social Media algorithms, constantly trying to direct the audience towards the marketplace that holds your NFTs to boost their interests, is the way you should look for. 

Follow DigiphyNFT's marketplace, which not only makes it easy for both brands and customers but also boosts market strategies that will ultimately make your “audience” your “loyal customers”. 

As web3 space is the next milestone in the path of web space, it becomes essential to not just understand it, but also engage in it before time runs out. Hence, the marketplace of DigiphyNFT provides a much simpler curve to learning and engaging in web3, which benefits both brands and customers like nothing before.