5 Best Utility NFT Projects You Should Know About

October 27, 2022

NFTs are undoubtedly serving the table as a constant hot topic for all web3 enthusiasts and more importantly for those who are still trying to find this virtual asset's potential. As a brand, business, or company, targeting such people and making them realize the power of NFTs is where your company’s and the entire industry’s success lays its base. 

Why Add Utilities?

So what is it really that sets apart a valuable NFT from just being a “pretty picture”? We mean at least just a digital “pretty picture” won’t sell for millions of dollars for no reason right? 

It's actually the utility attached to that “pretty picture” that makes it the NFT it is and gives it the value it has. 

Adding utilities like voting rights, physical merch, exclusive meet & greets, shows, and giveaways are the tools that bring value to NFTs. With AI creating most of the NFTs and that too thousands at just one go, it is really important to stand out and stay relevant in the market, especially when the bear market is unfolding its havoc and people are selling more than purchasing. 

5 Best Utility-Powered NFTs Out There

  1. Vee Friends

A project started by entrepreneur and influencer Gary Vee, is a perfect example of how NFTs harnessing the power of attaching real-world benefits pull the value and attention they really deserve. The annual VeeCon gathering is an exclusive event for all the NFT holders, providing them key insights on business, startup ideas, creative thinking, innovation and much more. Some Exclusive Utilities attached to their NFTs are:

  1. Meet & Greets, Interactive sessions with Founder Gary Vee. 
  2. Access to the Annual VeeCon event. 

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

As you start learning more about NFTs, there are some acronyms that you will stumble across pretty often, one of them being BAYC without a doubt. Only 10,000 of these NFTs are there, which means if you want to buy it now, you can't shake a deal without putting up 6 figures to the table. So why is a “Bored Ape” so valuable?

  1. You buy the intellectual property of an Ape’s image that more & more people are capitalising on by licensing for comic books, films & TV.
  2. Real-life event for NFT holders only
  3. Virtual and Real Merchandise exclusive to NFT holders
  4. Access to an Engaged and Loyal community. 

  1. Cool Cats 

Cool Cats project is one of the most exciting ones in the NFT space. After it was launched in July 2021, the collection gained a total trade volume of $300 million. 

The NFT’s major power, besides being endorsed by celebs, is the heavy utility benefits for the Cool Cats Community:

  1. They offer a space where NFT holders are granted evolving access to games, tokens, community, events, collaborations and much more. 
  2. Cool Cats’ non-exclusive license helped circumvent the usual problems of licensing by granting its holders the freedom to do anything with their personal NFTs. 
  3. Access to merchandise and exclusive community.


  1. Crypto Punks

Talking about popular NFTs, and not including CryptoPunks? Not a chance!  With the total value of sales crossing $900 million, this London Punk Scene-inspired NFT collection was first free to collect but eventually put up with a price when it quickly exploded in demand. 

The utilities that come along are:

  1. Exclusive Tiffany & Co Luxury Merchandise 
  2. Valuable Flex Utility

  1. CloneX - RTFKT/Nike

Nike and RTFKT’s CloneX NFT collection has 20000 3-D avatars NFTs called the Clones. The NFTs are Split into eight DNA types, namely Humans, Angels, Demons, Reptiles, Undeads, Murakamis, and Aliens. The exponential boom these NFTs created comes as a result of the very intriguing storyline and the compelling utilities, which include:

  1. Access to exclusive CloneX events
  2. Get 3D files of Clones
  3. Get access to online galleries to share art, the CloneX Space Pods. 

Perks of Joining the DigiPhyNFT League

As you have learned how utilities became a catalyst in the growth of  NFT, DigiphyNFT helps you bring the same character to your NFTs. Not only do we get the easiest way to mint NFTs for you, but also serve to you the power to customize your exclusive utilities, the freedom to change the contracts as per your requirements, access to our active market place and lastly, well-needed support to reach your customer base. 

So why not start today, boost your business’s value with NFTs and forget the fear of the bear market?