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Our Story

We build Non-Fungible Brands from Non-Fungible Tokens!

The story of DigiPhyNFT started over a conversation on chai between a married couple and now co-founders, Lipi Gulati and Chirag Jain, in 2021. Back then, web3 was gaining traction and transforming businesses worldwide. But as real-time problem solvers, we wanted to make this space more accessible for an average consumer. With more brainstorming, we began to identify the gap between technology and businesses, and with time, our aim became more clear, that is to breach this gap through a made-in-India technology that could help Indian brands compete with international giants in the space of web3.

Companies I have worked with

 "We aim to make everyone future-ready by driving mainstream adoption of NFTs and Metaverse!"

Just The Beginning

We are India’s first utility-NFT integration platform which assists brands, artists, and service providers in leveraging the benefits of web3 by integrating our APIs with your website and in-store POS. Through our user-friendly and simplified technology, we can help anyone easily bundle their possession with NFTs, making you metaverse ready for the future.

We are the a blink away from web3!

The New Chaos

With web3 engulfing today’s commerce, brands need to be prepared for this revolution and not fall behind as they did when social media and internet platforms were setting their business trends. However, the current state of the problem is that it is too difficult for a common man to mint and buy NFT. On the other hand, it is also difficult for a brand to sell NFTs due to the incomprehensible technology that existing NFT platforms provide. Today, brands have to spend an immense amount of time and money on setting up their own NFT infrastructure. Also, their customers need a complicated blockchain wallet and cryptocurrency to get started and pay for the NFT along with a heavy gas fee.

DigiPhyNFT aims to break the notion of web3 being a complex technology by making it easy for common people to create and sell NFTs by themselves in the near future !

Amidst All That, Let’s Be Ready

Brands can now leverage DigiPhyNFT to integrate NFTs into their website and offline stores without investing in infrastructure. DigiPhyNFT is a platform where customers don’t need blockchain wallets and transactions can be done in INR while eliminating the need to pay a heavy gas fee. Furthermore, with Metaverse technology already evolving to its best ability each passing day, the future of DigiPhyNFT enables transforming these NFTs into metaverse wearable products and showcasing them on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, thereby building a community for brands, influencers as well as common masses.

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